Kitten Massage Therapy

Massages are good for stress relief and help improve relaxation. Cats are also known to do the same thing for their human pets. But what do cats do when they are overly stressed or tired or in need of some good relaxation? Easy, they give each other kitty massages! Two cute kittens show us that even cats need a little help relaxing and that all day napping in sunbeams can take a lot of you!

Kitty massages look like a lot of fun and seems to do a good job at improving one's mood and helping one relax; you don’t even have to get the massage to feel the effects start to take hold. Cute kittens giving massages to each other is a great way to start off the day, now if only they would be willing to give us massages instead of trying to trip us when we are on the stairs things would be even better!

Video by Nakuspienne